Bright Wearables with Debra Ansell

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In this episode, I am talking to Debra Ansell – she’s the creator of the blog Geek Mom Projects and the founder of Bright Wearables – they sell hackable and customizable accessories for kids.

Debra is a technophile mom of three boys and always looking for new projects to tackle. I love what she wrote in the about me section of her blog: \“I decided to start blogging because, as Adam Savage of Mythbusters says:  “…the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” \“

Images: (c) Debra Ansell – used with permission

So her blog,, is filled with creative projects ideas for those who want to make stuff together with their kids. Most projects include some kind of LED lighting, laser-cutting or the popular BBC micro:bit. The projects Debra shows you to make also look really terrific, check the shownotes at for the links to the Teeny Tiny Edge-Lit Trophy or the Edge-Lit Pendant for example. Some of the projects will require you to get access to a laser cutter, so now you have finally a really good reason to sign up for the makerspace close to you!

Debra turned her passion into a business and is also the founder of There, she is selling bags and backpacks that contain colorful circles of light that you control with code. Kids can code these bags themselves and use their new knowledge of coding to  design and display personalized patterns that reflect their mood. I love the fact that their creations are meant to used in everyday life – as a backpack or as a stylish accessoire you carry around and show others. 

Coding-wise, their kits are powered by the micro:bit and a specially designed, so-called “Bright Board” is the accessory you need to get started with the micro:bit. The Bright board gives the micro:bit access to the RGB leds and also provides power to the micro:bit and the accessory board. 


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