Below you can see a list of upcoming podcasts. There’s also a list of all existing episodes available directly via my podcast hosting Buzzsprout – take a look at the episodes list of KidsLab Podcast.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Haba Digitalwerkstatt with Viktoria Brackertz
  • The Ifs with Borja Latorre
  • The Lavender Spaceship Project with Pranati Bagchi
  • Learning Math via Computer Programming with Kristen Reed and Paul Goldenberg
  • Codebug with Dr. Andrew Robinson
  • The Boson Starter Kit for Calliope Mini with Joern Alraun
  • Zerus & Ona with Miriam Tocino
  • Machine Learning for Kids with Dale Lane
  • Sonic Pi with Sam Aaron
  • Revolution Robotics with Rosemary Hua and Miller Roberts
  • Save the World with Code with Lorraine Underwood
  • Tinkertoys with Sebastian Friedrich
  • Droneblocks with Dennis Baldwin
  • Beetle Blocks and MicroBlocks with Bernat Romagosa
  • Blockly with Neil Fraser
  • Momentix Toys with Alana and Anna Gilbertson
  • Foldio with Amir Baradaran
  • Erfindergarden with Andreas Kopp
  • Scoutlabs with Johannes Engelke
  • The Raspberry Pi with James Robinson
  • Bloxels with Rob Bennet
  • CodeGrades with Nicholas H. Tollervey
  • The SpinWheel with Bridget Hegarty
  • Revolution Robotics with Miller Roberts and Rosemary Hua
  • Geek Mom Projects with Debra Ansell

Past Episodes