Below you can see a list of upcoming podcasts and a timeline of the podcasts that already got published. To make my podcast scheduling easier, I stopped planning out the release dates of future podcasts but I am still publishing all confirmed recordings.

Upcoming Episodes

  • BlocksCAD with Solomon Menashi
  • Potato Pirates with Tat Leong Seah
  • Python on the BBC micro:bit with Jonathan Austin
  • Ellie Saves the Day with Brandon Satrom
  • Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories witth Lenore Edman
  • Haba Digitalwerkstatt with Viktoria Brackertz
  • The Ifs with Borja Latorre
  • The Lavender Spaceship Project with Pranati Bagchi
  • Learning Math via Computer Programming with Kristen Reed and Paul Goldenberg
  • Codebug with Dr. Andrew Robinson
  • The Boson Starter Kit for Calliope Mini with Joern Alraun
  • Zerus & Ona with Miriam Tocino
  • Machine Learning for Kids with Dale Lane
  • Sonic Pi with Sam Aaron
  • Revolution Robotics with Rosemary Hua and Miller Roberts
  • Save the World with Code with Lorraine Underwood
  • Tinkertoys with Sebastian Friedrich
  • Droneblocks with Dennis Baldwin
  • Beetle Blocks and MicroBlocks with Bernat Romagosa
  • Blockly with Neil Fraser
  • Momentix Toys with Alana and Anna Gilbertson
  • Foldio with Amir Baradaran
  • Erfindergarden with Andreas Kopp
  • Scoutlabs with Johannes Engelke

Past Episodes Timeline

    • TheDadLab

      with Sergei Urban

      Mar 24, 2020

      Sergei is a stay-at-home father who started TheDadLab as a way to inspire fun activities others can do from home while educating their children and spending more quality time with them. Originally a website and blog, Sergei now expanded also to Youtube or Instagram – on both platforms he has nearly 1 Mio subscribers!

    • Corona Specials

      with various interviewees

      Mar 18, 2020

      These short special episodes are recorded directly by former interviewees and everybody who has something to share about #coronavirus, #education and how parents and teachers best deal with this new situation. I hope that many will find these snippets interesting and will find a helpful resource and tipps during these challenging times! 

    • Pieter the Seed Eater

      with Pen Holland and Sarah Wyse

      Mar 17, 2020

      In this episode, we’re talking to Dr. Pen Holland and Dr. Sarah Wyse about Pieter, the Seed Eater. This project is really cross-over, there’s lot’s of biology, math and computer science involved.

    • Scratch

      with Eric Rosenbaum

      Mar 10, 2020

      The first line of Eric’s biography says it all – it reads: “I design for creative play”. This could not be more true just look at the array of creative educational projects he was and is involved with.

    • TurtleStitch

      with Andrea Mayr-Stalder

      Mar 3, 2020

      In this episode, we’re talking to Andrea Mayr-Stalder about TurtleStitch. TurtleStitch allows kids to visually code a stitching path, export it and then have a real embroidery machine produce it!

    • The Kookaberry

      with John Phillips

      Feb 25, 2020

      We’re talking to John Phillips, a systems engineer with extensive international telecommunications project and employee relations experience in his role as Director for the AustSTEM foundation in Australia. The AustSTEM foundation is a not-for-profit charity established in Australia in 2017. This foundation aims to raise funds to be able to  support the free distribution of Kookaberries to teachers in every Year 5 classroom across Australia over at least a two year period.

    • Deaf Kids Code

      with Shireen Hafeez

      Feb 18, 2020

      In this episode, we’re talking to Shireen Hafeez, the founder of an organisation called Deaf Kids Code – and as you may guess, this organisation’s goal is to promote, inspire, empower, and spark the innovative spirit of people who are deaf or hard of hearing through the world of programming..

    • The BBC micro:bit

      with Giles Booth

      Feb 11, 2020

      This episode features an interview with Giles Booth about the BBC micro:bit. Giles is the Educational Content Manager at the BBC Microbit Foundation, and a former Information and Communication Technology teacher in London.

    • The Crafty Kid’s Guide

      with Helen Leigh

      Feb 4, 2020

      In this episode, I am talking to Helen Leigh – she is a creative technologist, author and maker with a focus on playful use of new technologies. For this episode, we’re focusing on one of her creations, which is The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics – a book she has written which is filled which awesome projects for parents and their kids.

    • Math Renaissance

      with Rodi and Rachel Steinig

      Jan 28, 2020

      In this episode we’re talking to Rodi and Rachel Steinig – a mother and her daughter from Philadelphia in the USA. Together they have written the book Math Renaissance which originally got successfully kickstarted a few years back and it’s all about growing math circles, changing the classroom and creating sustainable math education.

    • Sasha Savvy Loves to Code

      with Sasha Ariel Alston

      Jan 21, 2020

      We’re talking to Sasha Ariel Alston, the author of Sasha Savvy Loves to Code – a children’s book that inspires girls to pursue STEM activities in a fun way. Sasha is from Washington, DC and  she is a college student majoring in Information Systems at Pace University in New York City. With nine successful internships in the tech and business industries, she is a sought-after speaker to encourage youth to explore educational and career opportunities in STEM. 

    • The KUBO Robot

      with Rikke Paaskesen

      Jan 14, 2020

      In this episode, we’re talking to Rikke Paaskesen. She is the Educational Curriculum & Community Manager at KUBO Robotics, a Denmark-based edtech company. Rikke Berggreen Paaskesen is a teacher and educational sociologist. She has a broad teaching experience with children and youngsters and has also been teaching students and adults.

    • Calliope Mini

      with Stephan Noller

      Jan 7, 2020

      We’re talking to Stephan Noller, a German internet-entrepreneur part of the Calliope mini founding team. The Calliope mini is an educational microcontroller board that can easily be programmed by kids via the web-based editors. 

    • Making & Hacking

      with Mitch Altman

      Jan 1, 2020

      We’re talking to Mitch Altman – a Berlin-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone (a universal tv remote that turns out EVERYTHING). Mitch is a featured speaker at hacker conferences, he is  an international expert on the hackerspace movement, and he is very known for teaching introductory electronics workshops. He is also Chief Scientist and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.

    • The PublicLab Community Microscope Kit

      with Mimi Spahn Sattler

      Dec 31, 2019

      In this episode, we’re talking to Mimi Spahn Sattler. She is the Education Manager at Public Lab and is also an hands-on educator focusing on making environmental science and research accessible for all. We discuss the Community Microscope Kit but also some other Public Lab Projects, such as the Balloon Mapping Kit. Public Lab is all about breaking down barriers of access, making science as approachable as it can be and involve everybody in this process. Towards the end we also discuss how the communities of Public Lab are familiar with and inspired by Fridays For Future – an environmental youth movement which was started by Greta Thunberg.

    • Hello Ruby

      with Linda Liukas

      Dec 24, 2019

      In this episode, we’re talking to Linda Liukas – Linda is the author and illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book series about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls, a global movement to teach young women programming in over 300 cities.

    • Robo Wunderkind

      with Anna Iarotska

      Dec 17, 2019

      We’re talking to Anna Iarotska, the CEO and co-founder of Robo Wunderkind,  an award-winning edtech company that provides innovative early education solutions which are currently in use in over 200 schools worldwide.

    • Skyweather Raspberry Pi Weather Station

      with Dr. John Shovic

      Dec 10, 2019

      We’re talking to Dr. John Shovic from SwitchDoc Labs. John is the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of SwitchDoc Labs and he his team has created the SkyWeather Station, which is a do-it-yourself cloud connected Weather Station and an excellent project if you and your kids or students want to learn about the Weather and the sensors used to measure it.

    • Snap! Visual and Educational Coding

      with Jens Moenig

      Dec 3, 2019

      In this episode, we’re talking to Jens Moenig. He is the co-founder and Lead Programmer of Snap! – a free, visual and educational programming language. Snap! is based on the blocks-based concepts of Scratch, but includes some extensions that make it suitable for a serious introduction to computer science. For example, it has been used to teach “The Beauty and Joy of Computing” – an introductory course in computer science at the University of California in Berkeley. To get started, just visit Here you’ll find the web-based editor, the forums and the community pages where others share their projects. 

    • The Smartibot AI-robot

      with Ross Atkin

      Nov 26, 2019

      We’re talking to Ross Atkin, the creator of both the Crafty Robots and the Smartibot. The smartibot is a cardboard robot that can be controlled via your smartphone. You can even use your smartphone as a brain of the robot and make it chase people, animals and vehicles using artificial intelligence. One very cool feature that you don’t often find in other robots: the parts of the Smartibot can be re-used to build proper robots out of almost anything.

    • Sculpto 3d Printers

      with Martin Moos

      Nov 19, 2019

      We’re talking to Martin Moos, Head of Sales and Customer Service at Sculpto. Sculpto is a Denmark-based 3d printing company that Kickstarted the Sculpto+ 3D printer in 2017. The Sculpto+ is a polar 3D printer, which means it has a rotating base element which is quite uncommon among 3d printers – but it works really perfectly and the printer therefore does not take up a lot of space. The printer also comes completely pre-assembled and you’re up and printing pretty much after you connected it to Wifi.

    • Kamibot Pi

      with Asaph Kim

      Nov 19, 2019

      On this show, we’re talking to Asaph Kim, Chief Design Officer and co-founder at 3.14 – a robotics edutech startup from South Korea which created the Kamibot educational robot. Their startup did already create and produce the Kamibot v1, a robot that can be dressed with paper crafts for kids to learn programming. And at the time of releasing this podcast episode the next version of Kamibot is live on Kickstarter and it will have some exciting new features.

    • Squishy Circuits

      with Dr. AnnMarie Thomas

      Nov 19, 2019

      We talk to Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, the founder and director of the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas. Squishy Circuits is about making dough that can be conductive or insulating. It’s like playdough, but the dough either conducts electricity or not. Using these two types of dough and a couple of food colors, you can create very “squishy” experiments for younger children – add a few batteries, leds, buzzers or motors and you are ready for a workshop at home or in the classroom.