The Next-Generation Calliope Mini with Jørn Alraun

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In this episode, I am  talking to Joern Alraun, managing partner at Calliope, about the next version of the Calliope Mini Single Board Computer: the Calliope Mini v2.

That’s the second time that I interview Joern and the third time we discuss the Calliope Mini – it’s simply a very cool board I guess. 

Jørn is an interaction designer, co-founder of several companies with a focus on developing digital learning toys and he is a member of the Interaction Design Association. As you might recall, Joern is the managing partner at Calliope gGmbH and in the last interview with him about the Boson Starter Kit for Calliope Mini, he already mentioned that a Calliope Mini v2 is coming soon.

The Calliope Mini is an educational board for kids to learn coding – if you need details about the Calliope Mini in general, please be sure to look at the shownote links at for the specific Calliope Mini episodes. 

So now the v2.0 of Calliope Mini is out, featuring a memory chip which can hold up to 25 programs. Even better, the Calliope Mini v2 already ships with 25 programs, which means the board can now be used right out of the box, without prior programming. That makes a huge difference when you think of a typical classroom situation and want to get started exploring the board. 


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