Math Renaissance with Rodi and Rachel Steinig

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In this episode we’re talking to Rodi and Rachel Steinig – a mother and her daughter from Philadelphia in the USA. Together they have written the book Math Renaissance which originally got successfully kickstarted a few years back and it’s all about growing math circles, changing the classroom and creating sustainable math education.

Images: Copyright Rodi Steinig – used with permission.

Rachel Steinig

Rachel Steinig is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and a focus on Latin America and the Middle East. 

She has a multitude of diverse math experiences and wants kids to know what math really is and she wants adults to know what kids experience, in hopes of improving math education for everyone. 

Rachel has grown up on math circles as a participant, planner, and leader, and is passionate about learning math through inquiry. She is interested in human rights, refugee crises, and the effects of climate change on the global order, and plans on working in international law and foreign policy.

Rodi Steinig

Rodi Steinig, M.Ed., is the Founding Director of the Talking Stick Math Circle, Director of Mentoring for the National Association of Math Circles, and Co-Author — with Rachel Steinig — of the book Math Renaissance.

She wants to awaken children’s inner mathematicians, to shepherd the unfolding of their abstract reasoning, and to disabuse them of the notion that math is about memorizing a bunch of facts and algorithms.


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