The Kamibot Pi with Asaph Kim

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On this show, we’re talking to Asaph Kim, Chief Design Officer and co-founder at 3.14 – a robotics edutech startup from South Korea which created the Kamibot educational robot. Their startup did already create and produce the Kamibot v1, a robot that can be dressed with paper crafts for kids to learn programming. And at the time of releasing this podcast episode the next version of Kamibot is live on Kickstarter and it will have some exciting new features.

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The Kamibot PI is a cute, little, round robot which is able to move and turn on the ground via it’s almost invisible wheels. Compared to the older Kamibot, the new Kamibot Pi is a bit smaller and more handsome. It has an ultrasonic distance sensor at the front, so it can figure out if it’s getting closer to a wall and – based on your programming – you can then let it turn left for example.  It also features a built in color sensor which now can be used in combination with command cards to make it execute simple commands – or execute your more complex programs. 

Image: Copyright 3.14 – used with permission

Speaking of programming: there are apps for both Android and iOS and the Kamibot is programmed via a block-based programming language. You simply stack some blocks and then run the program. One other cool feature of Kamibot is that you can change it’s appearance via paper add-ons. The paper elements attach to Kamibot with the help of magnets, which is a really cool idea.

Below are the images of the official 3.14 Kamibot Pi Press Kit:

Images: Copyright 3.14 – used with permission

The top element of the Kamibot is also able to rotate – which is again a pretty neat idea as you can attach a face-like element to the top and it will look like the face is moving. 

One last feature that I wanted to mention is a pen hole in the center of the robot. Kids can attach a pen to it and Kamibot Pi can be programmed to move around to draw on a piece of paper. That’s again a sweet idea that kids will totally love!


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