The Sculpto 3D printers with Martin Moos

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In this episode, we’re talking to Martin Moos, Head of Sales and Customer Service at Sculpto. Sculpto is a Denmark-based 3d printing company that Kickstarted the Sculpto+ 3D printer in 2017. The Sculpto+ is a polar 3D printer, which means it has a rotating base element which is quite uncommon among 3d printers – but it works really perfectly and the printer therefore does not take up a lot of space. The printer also comes completely pre-assembled and you’re up and printing pretty much after you connected it to Wifi. At the end of this show we’re also discussing the Sculpto 2 which is their latest product.

Martin is the head of sales/customerm service and knows the Sculpto printers really well. Sculpto is still a small company, based in Aarhus in Denmark, and I would assume that most employees do a little bit of everything, which is really good and really common at startups, too.

The Sculpto 3d printer is a polar-style 3d printer. This means it has a round platform that moves as it prints. The printer itself is therefore very compact and super super quiet – I had mine running a lot over night and you really almost don’t hear it in the next room.

Just because it is compact does not mean that you can only print small objects – you can print objects with a diameter up to 20cms, which is really big enough. 

Below is a video of Sculpto 2 which shows the printing process.

Next, it comes with very easy to use apps. Once you connected it to wifi and added some filament, you can print immediately via their smartphone app. It’s connected to thingiverse, which is a huge repository of ready to print objects. So even if you have absolutely no knowledge of 3d printing, you can print cool objects that other’s have created. 

Once you know more about 3d printing, you can start to design your own objects – with web-based tools such as tinkercad or of course with more professional 3d creation tools such as blender. 

For me personally, sculpto+ was the perfect entrance into 3d printing. It is still the printer I use most and I can only recommend to get one – the printer, the apps, the easy user interface and great service really make a compelling package.

Images: (c) Sculpto


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