Robo Wunderkind with Anna Iarotska

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We’re talking to Anna Iarotska, the CEO and co-founder of Robo Wunderkind,  an award-winning edtech company that provides innovative early education solutions which are currently in use in over 200 schools worldwide.

Anna just won “the spark”, a special award given out by the newspaper Handelsblatt and the consulting company McKinsey for her startup and first product Robo Wunderkind.

The company Robo Wunderkind is based in Vienna, Austria, and they currently sell a couple of robotic kits. These kits include a selection of kid-firiendly, easy-to-connect blocks. Of all these blocks, the most important one is probably the so-called main block, which is the heart of any robot that the kids build.

Images: Copyright 2019 Robo Wunderkind, Press Kit, used with permission

There are many other blocks, here’s a list:

  • Distance Sensor Block
  • Light Sensor Block
  • Motor Block
  • Servo Block
  • Button Block
  • Motion detector Block
  • RGB Light Block
  • And various non-technical blocks such as a lego extension or  wheels
The blocks just snap together!
Image: Copyright 2019 Robo Wunderkind, Press Kit, used with permission

Once the blocks have been used to build a robot – however you define a robot, you can use the free apps to control or code the robot.

Robo Live is an app suitable for kids from 5yrs on and it can be used to control the robot elements in a very simple fashion. On the screen, you can arrange simple elements such as sliders and buttons which then connect to the respective blocks and control them. Thsi way you easily control the motors, servos or the RGB light for example.

The second app is called Robo Code and is the more advanced, coding app. It is suitable for kids from 6 years on and allows your kids to define sequences of actions and to react to the events such as a distance sensor. 

Besides having a really compelling edtech solution consisting of the robot hardware and the apps, there are also teaching materials available that help educators to apply this in class.

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