The Public Lab Community Microscope Kit with Mimi Spahn Sattler

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In this episode, we’re talking to Mimi Spahn Sattler. She is the Education Manager at Public Lab and is also an hands-on educator focusing on making environmental science and research accessible for all.

I got in touch with the Public Lab via a Kickstarter Campaign – I really liked their idea of creating simple, easy to build, DIY microscope that can be used in the classroom for example. That microscope even uses a transformed web cam and plugs into a smartphone or a computer, so many kids can see what is being explored at the same time.

The Community Microscope Kit
Images: Copyright 2019 Public Lab – used with permission

Public Lab is all about breaking down barriers of access, making science as approachable as it can be and involve everybody in this process. I am really fascinated by their mission. 

Mimi lives in New Orleans, Lousiana, USA. And works on expanding the educational programs of this organization. Mimi has a BA in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California and earned her Masters in Cell & Molecular Biology at Tulane University. Among her tasks at Public Lab is  building a network for educators interested in making their classrooms part of the public lab community and thereby learn from the great projects and the experiences that this community has created.

For this podcast, we’ll initially be focusing on the Community Microscope Kit – that’s the project I got interested in once. But Public Lab has many other things to offer. I hope to give you a good overview as there is really a lot you should look into!


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