ScoutLab with Johannes Engelke

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Johannes is a long-time colleague of mine at SAP and the idea for this episode arose during a coffee corner chat. Johannes is also a Scout since his 10th birthday. He started in a small group in Hamburg where he also did his first steps as a group leader. Later he started digitizing the German VCP Scouts. He helped building Websites, doing social media and organized the office IT in Hamburg. His current mission is to integrate digital topics into the education curriculum of young scouts.

At SAP Labs Munich, Johannes engages in a local initiative called STEAM Kids that teaches kids the basics of coding during one day workshops at SAP. 

Images: (c) Johannes Engelke – used with permission

ScoutLab is an initiative of a German scouting organization. In their workshops, they engage kids in activities with the Raspberry PI, Arduino, Micro:Bit and also 3D printing.

In this episode, I would like to explore the intersection of local youth organizations like scouting clubs and STEAM education. I am curious to figure out how they include elements of STEAM education, such as coding with the Micro:Bit, into their organization’s activities. 

To see some images from their workshops and of course for all links mentioned during the show, please visit


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