Bloxels with Rob Bennet

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In this episode, I am talking to Rob Bennet, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pixel Press. With Bloxels, one of their services, kids can create their own interactive games.

Rob is a Co-Founder & the CEO of Pixel Press, the creators of Bloxels. He recently moved to a small town in the mountains just north of Asheville, North Carolina in the US and started working remotely, which for him meant to start living a healthier, more mindful life.  Rob also just started recording Youtube videos and started a podcast about remote work.

Bloxels is one of his creations that started 7 years ago. Bloxels is all about building video games, a topic that you can imagine resonates very well with kids. According to their website, more than 20k educators are using Bloxels in their classrooms today.

Images: (c) Pixel Press 2020 – used with permission

As a personal user, you can get lifetime access for $20 – once the account is created and you logged in, you (well, your kids) can start building video games. 

Games, Characters, Art and and Backgrounds – those are the elements you will start building and don’t worry, the bloxel web/iOS/Android apps will help you to get started. Even building a character is lot’s of fun and you can of course try out your creations during this process

When it comes to building the game itself, it’s a bit like Minecraft in 2D – you place enemies, dangerous elements, water and so on on the game canvas and can then immediately try it out. It’s a lot of fun – but what is probably the most important thing is, it turns kids from consumers into creators of their own games.

When it comes to the classrooms and teachers, Bloxels offers special classroom plans and resources. We’ll definitely also shed some light on this during the interview with Rob.


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