Hi there, I’m Sven!

I think I got infected with the podcasting virus at work (SAP CX Labs), where I run the Labs Talk Podcast together with my colleage Erica. I’ve played with the idea of starting my own private podcast for quite some time now and one weekend in November ’19 it finally clicked. I went off to register a domain, got a blog and signed up at BuzzSprout for hosting my podcast media. That weekend I also wrote a podcast outline and contacted the first interviewees for the KidsLab podcast. I was super happy to almost instantly get responses!

I am passionate for STEAM education. Over the years, I’ve backed more than 200 kickstarter projects – of which many are about edutech toys, robots or boards. Of course I also closely followed other educational projects such as the Raspberry PI community or the BBC micro:bit. Backing is one thing, but I really try to use all these tools. At some point I even started giving STEAM workshops at our school to see how well these tools can be used for educating kids.

I hope you find this podcast and blog inspirational for your own projects – for you and your kids or your class, in case you are an educator. Please let me know what your experience was – just send me a tweet!

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