Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories with Lenore Edman

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In this episode of KidsLab Podcast, we’re talking to Lenore Edman from Evil Mad Scientist Labs about their extremely cool but also very educational project kits such as the egg-bot, which is a drawing robot for eggs!

Lenore is the Co-Founder of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and currently lives in Sunnyvale, California – if you don’t know that’s the “heart of the silicon valley” according to the city brochure of Sunnyvale – but seriously, it could not be more central in the valley.

Established in 2006, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories strives to live up to its motto, “Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a time,” serving as a resource for budding evil mad scientists everywhere.

The Evil Mad Scientist Shop is the place to go if you are looking for fun, geeky and educational projects. For example, I purchased the Egg-Bot years back which is a plotter for eggs. After building the project kit, you can design with the open source drawing program Inkscape and then instruct the Egg-Bot to transfer the drawing to an egg. 

I once planned a wonderful workshop at school with this great tool, which did not stop at designing and creating the eggs, but also involved making pancakes after we emptied the eggs and later we even drilled holes to add LEDs to the eggs to make them shine. 

Another great product is AxiDraw.  AxiDraw is a modern pen plotter, capable of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface with a variety of pens and markers. It can be used for drawing computer generated art, which makes it popular with math and computer science teachers.


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