The HABA digital workshop spaces with Viktoria Brackertz

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In this episode, I am talking to Viktoria Brackertz. Since 2019, Viktoria is the Lead for the Munich location of the HABA Digitalwerkstaetten. She originally studied Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and she is also a trained Ergo Therapist. 

The HABA digital workshop spaces offer after-school activities for kids and they are spread across Germany. By now there are 10 locations in Germany and Viktoria is leading the Munich one. 

The workshops and classes are targeted towards kids between 6 to 12 years old and the goal is to help kids learn about our digital world in a playful way. But besides content for Kids, they also offer content for families, teachers and educators as well as companies. 

Images: (c) Haba Digitalwerkstatt – used with permission

The workshops & classes range from coding, making robotics, digital art, sound & music to exploring the block worlds of Minecraft. All of these courses are mostly given by professional media educators or educators with a technical background in these topics. 

I had a look at the tools they use during these workshops and found the well-known Calliope Mini, Lego Wedo or the robots from mBlock – but let’s explore what else they use during the interview, I am sure there is way more. 


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