The Lavender Spaceship Project with Pranati Bagchi

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In this episode, we’re talking to Pranati Bagchi, the founder of The Lavender Spaceship Project in Singapore. Pranati, the founder of the Lavender Spaceship Project, is a mathematics teacher with many years of global teaching experience across the United States, Singapore and India. She has a Master of Education degree from Rutgers University, USA and a Masters degree in Mathematics from India. She is also a STEM certified teacher from National Institute of STEM Education, USA and holds a certificate in International Baccalaureate MYP Design.

​So as Pranati writes on their website she finds STEM fascinating and has a deep appreciation for its potential to create an impact in the world. She firmly believes that we need to equip our children with the innovative capacity that will help them make technological advances in the future.

Images: (c) Pranati Bagchi – Lavender Spaceship Project. Used with permission.

Enter Lavender Spaceship – this is a social enterprise aimed at improving gender equality in STEM. The goal is to give every young girl a chance to learn and practice STEM in a risk-free and friendly environment. Her goal is to help them find their love for STEM and give them the confidence to pursue it further.

The Lavender Spaceship Project is based in Singapore and together with a team of women educators Pranati offers numerous after-school classes for girls from 5 yrs on. There are many classes offered including Digital Making, Robotics, Coding or even Video Game Design. 


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