Potato Pirates with Tat Leong

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I am talking to Tat Leong, the CTO of  Codomo from Singapore about Potato Pirates, a fun coding game for the whole family.

Tat is the CTO of Codomo, a Singapore based educational organization. He is part of diverse team of engineers and designers with the vision of embedding social learning, innovation, technology and entertainment in education.

Tat has won numerous design awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, Japan Good Design Award and Core77 Design Awards. He is also an adjunct fellow at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), an Apple Professional Learning Educator and AWS certified cloud educator.

Images: Copyright Codomo / Tat Leong – used with permission

The Codomo team is made up of pioneer students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where problem-solving via design thinking was a central component of their studies. 

Their first Kickstarter was a game called Potato Pirates. Potato Pirates is a coding card game that is designed to get children to learn 10 hours of programming concepts in just 30 minutes without computers. Codomo has also designed a curriculum that integrates with Scratch, making coding less intimidating, more engaging, and lots of fun.

And 2 years and 3 Design Awards later, codomo is back with another Game: Potato Pirates: Enter the Spudnet. This game is inspired by how the Internet works and is the most exciting way to learn about the fundamentals of network & cybersecurity – all without a computer.


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